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At Christian Life, we believe everyone has something to offer. It is your spiritual gifts and willingness to serve that helps make church happen! Please select the areas below you feel excited about serving in. The leadership team and spiritual gifts empowerment team is here to help give you the resources needed to serve.

Please note, selecting your areas of interest does not equal committing to the job. We will plan to reach out to you when a role within your selected categories becomes available. 

Current Needs:

  • Disaster Relief Director (Care & Service Team)  Organize, plan, and recruit volunteers for disaster relief trips. Work with the Mission Board in finding areas to help out. 
  • Church Directory (Visual Arts & Audio Team)  Create and update church directory every 5 years. 
  • Librarian (Property Management Team)  Organize and manage library.
  • Singles Ministry  Plan regular activities for the singles in church.
  • Mens Ministry  Plan regular activities for the men in church.